Wind Ventilators

Wind Ventilators Manufacturers And Suppliers In India

Wind Ventilators Manufacturers And Suppliers In India

Wind Ventilators The Major Advantage of Mukta Brand wind ventilators is that they provide effective circulation of air in the building by using Natural wind as a prime mover instead of electricity, thereby cutting costs to the minimum for small and huge industries. These ventilators provide effective ventilation for different types of industries. They are better known as turbine ventilators. They are in round-shaped metal vents having fins in them; these fins help in air ventilation.

The ventilation is provided with the natural passage of wind and this helps in cutting down on the cost of high energy consuming equipment's. The wind ventilators rotate even if there is a light wind using minimum amount of resources. The rooftop ventilators are far better as compared to the ridge type ventilation systems.

• Its important feature is the FRP base on which the ventilator is fixed. They are made from UV Treated semi-transparent resin, which provides natural lighting during the day restricting the heat from the sun.
• As compared to other modes of ventilation the wind ventilators when once installed are Zero Maintenance. Due to rotational movement dust, leaves, twigs fall off and are automatically cleaned during rainy season.
• Mukta Brand Wind Ventilators are available in Complete SS304 construction to withstand corrosive environments.
• They are available in different sizes depending upon the height of the factories viz 8",12",14",18",21,"24",28" & 36 inches throat diameter. They are placed at the highest point to provide the best ventilation.
• The design of the wind ventilators are done in such a way that the downdraft in the building helps to allow air entry from the side openings.
• Since the ventilators are situated at a certain height they are highly prone to corrosion and bird threats. The exposed areas of ventilators are manufactured from non-ferrous materials like aluminium and stainless steel to make them non corrosive and bird proof.
• Mukta Brand Wind Ventilators are designed to withstand high wind speeds and harsh climatic conditions.
• Mukta Brand Ventilators are also available in completely knocked down condition that are assembled on site by our trained personnel. This reduces transportation costs greatly along with zero chances of any damage during transportation.

We at Mukta Engineers are technocrats, with whom renowned clients have years of association and have trusted their quality management systems with 300,000+installations across India. Clients are assured of our complete support in every step of the way from design conceptualization to Installation to After Sales Service and therefore Mukta Brand Wind Ventilators have taken the market by storm along with its environmental friendly features.